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Kadavu Resort & Ayurveda Centre Kerala, Kerala

Ayurveda Rejuvenation is very much part of the stay at Kadavu for any guest thanks to the Ayurveda Centre at the resort. The Ayurveda Centre at the Kadavu Resorts is one of a kind and caters to the needs of guests who are staying for a short period, for whom we have Short Duration Programmes, as well as the guests with specific pathologies who seek genuine Ayurvedic treatments from our Curative Programme. To maintain the exacting standards in terms of treatment and comfort, adjacent to the existing Ayurveda centre, a three-storeyed centre has been built in our premises using traditional architecture. This centre, which is called Ayurveda Griham, is the best equipped Ayurveda Centre in India meeting the demands of the modern guest as well as the stipulations laid down by the ancient sages while defining the various treatments in Ayurveda. All the eight therapy rooms overlook the river Chaliyar, the serene waters of which in itself is a soothing balm to a highly stressed mind and body. Qualified doctors and therapists take care of the Ayurveda Treatments of guests. The centre also has a huge yoga hall, one side of which is open to the river. The other facilities include a pharmacy, a post-therapy care room, a mini laboratory, a medicine manufacturing unit and a herbal garden. The Ayurveda centre at Kadavu is one of the few Green Leaf classified centres in Kerala.
We offer Curative Programmes with therapy sessions, internal medications, Ayurvedic diet, yoga and meditation. Thus the stage is set for exploring the intricacies of health in an authentic way. All aspects of Kadavu Ayurveda Centre lead to the creation of a powerful harmony which is conducive to peace and healing.

A relaxing and rejuvenating stay is ensured by well-appointed cottages in Kadavu Ayurveda Resort, Kerala. Each dwelling offers a breathtaking panorama of the crystal clear backwaters and lush coconut plantations. Traditional Kerala architecture combined with complete adherence to the dictates of "Vastu" ensures a soothing and invigorating ambience for Ayurveda rejuvenation. The cottages have been constructed in the typical Kerala style of architecture using locally available raw materials. Elegantly styled rooms or suites are also available to the guests and they offer a fascinating glimpse of the scenic beauty of Kerala.
Thus the stage is set for exploring the intricacies of health in an authentic Ayurveda way. A powerful harmony, which is conducive to peace and healing, is there in our Ayurvedic Health Resort. In this age of stress, relaxation has been abused. It is in Ayurveda that, to live is to relax. The healthy way of living leads to everlasting bliss. This relaxation is the beginning of the journey into the world of Ayurveda.

Food for thought
Ayurveda, at Kadavu Health Resort, Kerala is an extension of its loyalty to nature. True to the Science of life, the diet of the recipient is in entire fidelity to the ancient texts. It is an embodiment of the dictum - you are what you eat. Thus food has a vital role to play in organic living and early healing. A fully vegetarian diet without resorting to any artificial factor and aroma. Devoid, of high pungency, it usually begins sweet and proceeds according to the individual constitution of a person, aided by the Ayurvedic physician.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation
Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Programme at Kadavu Ayurveda Resort of 15 days includes the following:

  • Consultation with the doctor at the Ayurveda centre
  • Therapy session – one every day at the Ayurveda centre
  • Oral medications to be consumed at the time specified
  • Ayurvedic diet – which will be decided after consultation
  • Yoga Session – one hour every day.
  • Other activities that do not contradict with the Ayurvedic therapy session – a brisk walk for one hour in the morning, swimming for not more than 30 minutes, enjoying the cultural programmes like the Indian classical dance forms and the traditional temple dances whenever they are arranged at our amphitheatre.

The Ayurveda Therapy sessions in the Ayurveda Resort include the following:

  1. The cleansing of the oral cavity, the nose, eyes and ears prior to oil application on the body during the first seven days.
  2. A whole body massage of 60 minutes duration on the first day.
  3. A whole body massage of 15 minutes followed by 45 minutes of sudation with boluses of medicated powder for the next 3 days
  4. A whole body massage of 15 minutes followed by 45 minutes of sedation with boluses of suitable herbs for the next 3 days
  5. Enema with the appropriate medicated oil on alternate days beginning from the seventh day.
  6. A whole body massage of 10 minutes followed by continuous synchronized pouring of oil on the body in a specified manner OR the coarse rub with a medicated powder for 50 minutes for the 8th 9th and 10th day of your stay.
  7. A whole body massage of 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes in the steam chamber for the next 2 days.
  8. A mild whole body massage of medicated oil on the forehead for the last 3 days of the treatment period.

The above mentioned are the general Ayurvedic treatments recommended for rejuvenation. However changes in this programme will be effected taking into consideration the response of the body to the treatment on a daily basis. Daily evaluation of the basic parameters like the pulse rate, the blood pressure etc. will be done at the Ayurvedic Centre. The blood glucose levels of the guests who are diabetic are monitored regularly at the mini medical laboratory attached to the centre. ECG facility and oxygen facility are also available at the centre. E-mailing the records of past medical history, if any, before checking in will be appreciated.

How to reach Kadavu Resort & Ayurveda Centre in Kerala.

  • Calicut International Airport : - 14 KMs
  • Cochin International Airport : - 14 KMs
  • 40 kms from Bangalore
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