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Wellness bliss
Ayurvedic rejuvenation
Stress management
Himalayan romance
Weight management
Anti ageing programme

Following reservation options are available at Ananda -

* All Inclusive Wellness Packages designed to cleanse, balance, enhance, soothe and energise.
* Limited period Special Offers
* Room only rates

Allow the Spa at Ananda to take you on a unique holistic journey that combines pure indulgence, complete well being and total rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul through a combination of wellness packages.

Your personal journey is designed to transport you to a place where tension, fatigue and stress melt away, leaving you with renewed balance and inner calm.

Our packages are designed to cleanse, balance, enhance, soothe and energise. We invite you to experience a moment of calm and your own personal space… the best journeys in life are, after all, eventually to yourself.

Ananda Wellness Bliss

India’s only Destination Spa is dedicated to restore, balance and renew your mind, body and soul through a holistic approach incorporating the healing principles of Ayurveda and Yoga along with innovative spa technologies. Experience a new lifestyle approach as you are surrounded by the lush greenery, fresh mountain air and mystifying Himalayan views.

The uniqueness of the Ananda Spa approach is contained in the saying "Swastha Jeevan Sandhya", meaning "healthy lifestyle approach with assistance”. Guests benefit from this by a private consultation from a Lifestyle Assistant offering professional guidance and individual attention. Options are available from an innovative Spa menu of treatments and services that integrate ancient & contemporary therapies and treatments from various disciplines to suit individual needs and requirements.


Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

Ananda Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Program focuses on prevention, maintenance and the improvement of one’s health and overall sense of well-being. Whether you are looking to reduce your stress, improve you health, address common ailments or simply delay the aging process, this program is ideal for you.

This is a personalised programme that includes stimulating and purifying therapies, daily Yoga and Meditation and Dosha-specific Ayurvedic diet to help reduce stress, improve health and address common ailments or simply delay the ageing process.

The 7-day Ananda Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Santvanam Program is geared toward revitalizing an individual by ridding and preventing weariness, stress and fatigue. Medicated herbal oils are administered during the daily sessions of therapy, as well as prescribed Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama sessions, Wellness activities and Ananda Ayurvedic Cuisine lead to a feeling of renewed vitality.

The 14-day Ananda Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Sodhanam Program is a more intensive course where the prescribed therapy transcends deep, beyond the surface layers, alleviating joint complaints and other medical and health related conditions. Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and advanced Asanas (body postures) are prescribed to strengthen the immune system and eliminate the feeling of stress and anxiety.

The 21-day Ananda Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Rasayanam Program is an even more encompassing routine that benefits the complete physique based on the above three-phase processes. The first week of observations, diagnosis and prescription includes internal herbal medication, balanced nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and on-going assessment. The second week begins the intensive treatment concluding with a third week of finishing therapy and balanced lifestyle follow up plan. More specific information on the 21 and ideal 35-day program is suggested by inquiry. According to Ayurveda, it takes at least 28 days to completely detoxify.


Stress Management
Designed for those who feel the need to make positive lifestyle changes for a more optimal and fulfilling life. Ananda Stress Management Program focuses primarily on experiencing and implementing various mind and body techniques based on the concepts and philosophies of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and Ayurveda as the optimal balanced approach for creating positive change.

Himalayan Romance

The feeling of being in love, of cherishing every special moment spent in your beloved’s company and of yearning for blissful togetherness is everyone’s dream. The mystery and magic of romance needs the perfect surroundings to blossom in all it’s beauty. Stolen glances of passion and the trepidation of love, all need to be nurtured and enhanced, amidst favorable environs.

Ananda- In The Himalayas, India’s only internationally accredited destination spa, nestled in the magical setting of the Himalayas, offers the most beautiful and romantic retreat to rekindle the spark of love. Let the mystical grandeur of the spa envelop you and your beloved in the binding warmth of togetherness, as you indulge in the most pampering and exotic of therapies, designed to refresh and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. The ultimate spa experience that takes place in the Kama Suite environment is truly customized to your special desire to feel totally pampered and luxurious. Indulge in the ultimate in luxury and emerge with renewed energy and of course, renewed intimacy. Savor and treasure precious closeness as you rediscover your romance and love. Experience the subtlest ambience for love, in the company of the most precious person in your life.


The Ananda Detox programme has been carefully designed not only to detox the body but also the mind. We at Ananda believe that if the mind is clear of negative thoughts and barriers, detoxifying the body come more naturally and become less of a stress upon one’s over all well being.

Weight Management

Designed for those who feel the need to make positive lifestyle changes for a more optimal and fulfilling life. Ananda provides an atmosphere where one can learn how to gain control and balance in their lives. We believe that balance is the key to healthy weight management. The most effective way to improve your sense of well-being, vitality and overall health is to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This includes proper balanced nutrition, integrating the concept of mindfulness, healthy eating practices, regular physical activity, detoxification, stress management and creating a balanced daily routine.

Ananda Weight Management Program is designed on an individual basis and addresses the physical and emotional challenges associated with weight loss and maintenance. Experience a new sense of balance through realistic, practical lifestyle solutions to maintain optimum health and well-being through the incorporation of active physiological and psychological rebalancing tools based on the ancient Indian concepts and philosophies of Ayurveda and Yoga. Revitalize the mind and body through a series of personalized spa treatments, therapies and fitness activities that will bring about healthy weight loss and a lifelong maintenance approach.

Ananda Yoga

Discover yourself with the guidance of the ancient science and art of India known as "Yoga". Ananda Yoga enhances your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual qualities utilizing the three major branches of Yoga like Raja, Kerya and Hatha Yoga in a very simple, effective and practical manner.

Ananda Yoga acquires a special meaning in the setting of a natural Himalayan Sal Forest and the environs of India’s first destination spa, located in the picturesque birthplace of India’s ancient arts of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. It overlooks the Holy River Ganges, spiritual village of Rishikesh and draws in it’s spirituality and history.

Experience the transformation that awaits you within these ancient concepts and philosophies that reflect and teach balance in every area of our lives. Come to the "source" where it all began and immerse yourself in the mystery and magic of the Himalayas through this extraordinary experience of self-discovery.

Ananda Tranquility

Ananda Tranquility is the Spa’s signature program comprising of a series of gentle yet rejuvenating experiences – a unique blend of different therapies that introduce you to all the components that Ananda comprises of. This is a wonderful introduction to our other programmes and rejuvenating treatments, therapies and workshops.

Ananda Fitness

Experience a unique approach to being mentally and physically fit. Increased mind-body integration is the secret ingredient for an enjoyable, safe fitness program that can last for the rest of your life. Enjoy exercise perhaps for the first time.

Learn to transform you capacity, desire and love for exercise through understanding your mind-body constitution which will be your natural guide to sports selection, diet, best time of the day to exercise, breathing, stretching and much more. Let us design a health and fitness program, workout and stretching program for you. Regain renewed vitality and joy for life through fitness.

Ananda Anti – Ageing Programme

Ananda Anti – Ageing Programme is the revitalization of the mind, body and soul through a series of rejuvenating experiences.

Discover this blissful introduction to Ananda, the only true destination spa in India. This unique program introduces you to all the unique components that make up Ananda. Your personalized Sanjeevni experience begins with an in-depth Ayurvedic and Wellness Consultation with our expert physicians. Your self-discovery continues through the rejuvenating and de-stressing benefits of the Hydrotherapy Ritual, followed by an introductory Ayurvedic Mind & Body Therapy. A private Introductory Personalised Yoga Session, Aveda Beauty and Wellness Treatment, Self-Care Session and Finishing Touch completes the entire experience.

Meet our experts and allow them to design a customized Sanjeevni program to meet your individual needs to regain and maintain your optimal state of mind and body well-being. This is a wonderful introduction to our longer programs and additional introduction to our other rejuvenating treatments, therapies and workshops.

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